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 Need some advice

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PostSubject: Need some advice   Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:09 am

Yesterday riley went to see his physio with his arm and his legs and feet i told her he was still tip-toeing even though he has been wearing special boots to hold his feet down now for 3 months ive been concerend with his walking as half the time he walks like hes drunk and hes forever tripping over himself anyways my sister was with me and took it upon herself to mention that she thinks riley may have autism as she worked with kids with specail needs before i didnt want her to mention it but she did and now they think maybe he does have autism and thats what his tip-toeing is linked to. Riley has some obsessive tendensies sometimes hes very inteligant and he knows everythig about rains he knows every train and where its stops he also knows every number bus and where every bus goes, hes obsessed with numbers too and sometimes will only go to a certain number of something say a till in tesco he also is facsinated with crashes like trains and planes, he sniffs everything aswell food, drink, even floors and stuff he sometimes can also get very hyped up but i dont know wether thats him just getting over exited or not anyway im really worried now i have no idea if he could be cos i know nothing about it, gaz really upset me because he said im looking for things that arent there if he knew i wasnt even the one that mentioned it he would go mad its always been the same though with him and his mother they always say theres nothing worng with rileys arm and legs and he can do things he cant so the medical profession must be wrong anyways he sees the peadeatrition on 31st this month so his physio is writing a letter to him explaining concerns and so on i really dont want him to have it i know that sounds bad and i dont mean to offend those of you who have autistic children i just dont want him being treat differently in life because of it cos i know of so many people who have sorry to go on any advice on it would be great or if you think he displays anything that you know of id be really greatfull
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Debbie Lou
Debbie Lou

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PostSubject: Re: Need some advice   Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:09 pm

Oh hun its so hard thinking something is wrong with your own child.

There is nothing wrong with how you are feeling i have been there and pauly is ten years old now.

Wait and see what happens with the paed i truly hope he hasnt got it but if he has its better to get him diagnosed while he is young so you can get more help and support.

If you need to know any thing else jo dont hesitate to ask me

love Deb x
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PostSubject: Re: Need some advice   Sun May 31, 2009 11:42 pm

My son is autistic and had to smell everything.

Your child's knowing so much about trains and buses......that too sounds like it could be typical of autism as well. Autistic kids do have obsessions.....for my son it's currently bugs, reptiles, and fishing.

How is his development? Is it equivilent to his peers or does he seem to be behind?

Does he talk? Did he lose any speech? Is his speech hard to understand?

Is he social or anti-social? If he's social, are his social skills age appropriate?

Does he over or under react to pain?

How does he do with change? Can he handle it or does it shut him down as a person?

Is he sensitive to noise, textures, certain kinds of clothes, and ect?

The questions I asked are all autism related.
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PostSubject: Re: Need some advice   

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Need some advice
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